RPM Band


Entertaining live music lovers for decades, RPM has established itself as one of Wisconsin’s premier live music acts.  A staple in northeast Wisconsin’s talented Fox Valley live entertainment scene, RPM has helped put this hotbed of musical talent on the map, both locally and regionally.  With an ever evolving cover song list that blurs genres from classic and new rock, to country, to the latest pop smashes, this five piece band can do it all.  A rare musical blend of guitars, keyboards, horns, and percussion keep the RPM stage lively, the crowds energized, and the sounds dynamic.    


Led by Dave Richter, the band’s experienced, multitalented vocalist and front man, RPM combines the quality and professionalism of a national touring act with the raw passion often apparent in local live entertainment.  Richter’s ability to connect to any crowd, in any situation, gives the band a focal point when harnessing the emotion of a live music venue.  Energetic bass player Shane LeSage and versatile lead guitarist Joe Perz bring an exciting blend of eccentric showmanship and gifted musicianship, combined with decades of performance experience, to the front of the RPM stage.  Drummer Mark Budwit, a talented lead vocalist in his own right, along with “do it all” musician John Groff (guitars/keyboards/trumpet), give RPM the kind of flexibility needed to cover the likes of Mumford and Sons, U2, The Jackson Five, Luke Bryan and Bruno Mars.  The band’s unique ability to send four talented lead vocalists to the mic, all with different approaches, allows the nightly set list to evolve through a wide range of genres.  Timely harmony and background vocals fill out the band’s sound, giving the RPM’s cover selections a distinctive yet familiar feel.


RPM takes nothing for granted as the band pours every ounce of energy and emotion into every performance.  Whether the band is staged in front of a festival crowd of thousands, a live music club filled with hundreds, or a wedding attended by your closest family and friends, RPM brings a national touring quality sound system and light show that is sure to impress.  Backed by Bananas Entertainment, the largest reaching booking agency in Wisconsin, you are sure to see this Midwest favorite in a town near you!